Main Issues

Small Business

Small businesses employ 80% of our country’s employees. As a small business owner and entrepreneur myself, I experience and understand the daily challenges that business owners have in opening and sustaining their businesses. I have been fortunate to operate a small business in Kentucky and more fortunate to create many jobs. However, it gets harder and harder to do so as Kentucky is ranked #41 in business-friendly states. This is unacceptable. Regulations and taxes on small businesses in Kentucky are killing the jobs that could be created.


Our pension system is going to bankrupt our Commonwealth unless something can be done – soon. Our teachers and state employees deserve better. They have worked as public servants for our State and the least we can do is promise them what they were told they would get in terms of pension.

Term Limits

I believe in term limits as I think most Americans do. I am running against an opponent who has been in office for 24 years. This is too long. To bring about the needed change in Kentucky now, we need a change in leadership.

What I will do for you:

  • Support legislation that allows small businesses to create more jobs and encourages large employers to stay in Kentucky
  • Cut taxes for hard working families
  • Vote for more government transparency
  • Ensure that Obamacare does not continue to burden our Commonwealth's finances
  • Support Right-to-Work laws